What is the role of my family physician?

Our inpatient rehabilitation team works closely with your referring physician/surgeon to ensure your transition of care is seamless during your time at Kensington. We enable a continuity of care throughout your rehabilitation with our team and yours. You will be overseen by our physician and/or nurse practitioner while you stay at Kensington.

How long will I be an inpatient at Kensington Health and Rehabilitation?

Every individual's case is different. The length of stay will be determined by your diagnosis and subsequent progress. On average, patients with a total knee replacement stay for about nine days, and those with a total hip replacement, stay for about 13 days. The average inpatient stay for all diagnoses is 21 days.

Do I bring my own medications?

Kensington Health and Rehab works in conjunction with an independent pharmacy for all your medications. Medications that need to be continued after your hospital stay or if you are coming from home will be prescribed by your physician and will be dispensed by our nurses. For safety reasons, please do not bring any home medications into the facility unless discussed with the Director of Nursing or Administrator prior to admit.

Can my family bring in meals and snacks for me?

Family members are allowed to bring in meals and snacks during your time here as a patient. Please, check with your nurse before those snacks arrive to determine any food restrictions that may be ordered for your care.

Can I have visitors?

Family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to visit at any time. Please be respectful of other patients if you are residing in a semi-private room. We have numerous common family areas to visit during your stay here.

Can I go home and visit while I'm an inpatient?

You may go home for a day visit if you have a physician and therapist approval; generally, however, you are not permitted to stay overnight.

What can I do while I am not in therapy?

Kensington's recreational therapy program is designed to help you stay active and in good spirits. The department provides a variety of programs and activities when you are not participating in therapy. A calendar is posted on the unit with the month's scheduled events.

Your loved one will receive health and rehabilitation support and 24-hour nursing care. His or her needs are met by our caring and generous staff and no request is too small.